• Jul 28, 2008 · OK so i'm writing a zutara fic on fanfiction.com, and so far, aang and katara are no longer together in chapter 1, chapter 2 is when zuko comes to visit. chapter 3 is when zuko and aang challenge eachother to an agni kai, but there isnt a definite loser or winner.
Наш опрос. За какую вы пару? Zutara.
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  • Fanfiction Humor Romance Kataang Platonic Zutara Katara ... Aang Zuko Jet Modern Au Atla Avatar The Last Airbender Tea Shop Au Meet Cute Fluff Friendship “Katara, you’re the only one I can trust to help me -” “Tui and La, fine,” Katara groaned.
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Jan 01, 2016 · Has your friend gotten back to you yet? This seems really interesting She said maybe. She thinks it sounds interesting, but shes currently busy. Ill get back to you if she ever gets up to posting something.

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Zutara has always had a large place in the Avatar fandom and ultimately found itself the focus of a massive troll by series creators played on their own fans... Synopsis: A Fanfiction.Net author, Alabaster has the rare gift of both hammer and anvil, turning out quality completed stories in months, when most of the same quality would take years.Ebay water filters

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A zutara fanfic. Takes place 3 years after the the series. Zuko is struggling with his new position as Firelord and desperately needs company. So when the gaang visit him, Katara makes the decision to stay with him in the fire kingdom. Will the once enemies fall for each other, or will Zukos duties.. Slow Burn: A Zutara Fanfic. SEMI-HIATUS Dedicated to archiving Zutara fanfics. Visit the directory for fanfic tags to help narrow down your search. Help build up the Zutara Directory and submit your favorite fanfics here!Index of cvv xls

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